Level up your health.
Maximize your life.


We believe in the concept of “Eudaimonia”: that the highest human good is to flourish in a life well-lived.

Everyone has the potential to attain a life well-lived. We are
here to unearth, encourage, and cultivate this potential.


We offer a true integrative and collaborative experience to
your healing process and overall wellness.

Our multifaceted team has the singular goal of supporting
your best life, through one-on-one and cooperative care,
within individual and group settings. This is a community-
based support network with you and your goals in mind.


You will feel welcomed, empowered, and inspired. You may initially walk through our doors  looking for health; you will also walk out with a newfound wellness, understanding, and ability to live your “well-lived” life to the fullest.


Got questions about your
wellness journey?

Yes, we do! Both of our Naturopathic Doctors and our Clinical Nutritionist offer virtual appointments.
The great thing about Rosegold Health Inc. is that you can see ALL of us! We all work together to achieve the best health outcome for our patients and clients. Still unsure? Call or e-mail us, and we can help you determine who to book in with first.

No, you don’t! You can book in directly with any of our practitioners by phone (289) 719-3008, e-mail info@rosegoldhealthinc.com, or online here.

Yes! Please check your individual insurance provider for details on coverage.

We’re open Monday to Thursday 10am-8pm, and Friday 1-8pm. Please call or e-mail for the specific hours of each practitioner, as it can vary.

Got questions about your